Christiane has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Anthropology from Western University, Ontario and Masters degree in Educational Psychology from University of Manchester. As a fitness professional, Christiane has been coaching at BFiT 758 since 2017.

At first CrossFit for Christiane seemed an interesting way to get her fitness level on track. CrossFit then became not only an avenue to a higher level of fitness but provided her with a deeper understanding of the program that could be tailored to fit anyone’s fitness goals – anyone can do the workout. What made it even more special was the community, which is like no other; supportive, accepting and encouraging.

Her experience in fitness prior to coaching CrossFit was as a swimmer on the St. Lucia National swim team. She has also judged, coordinated and participated in several local and regional CrossFit competitions. Christiane is CrossFit L1 and Precision Nutrition L1 certified, and is also a Health and Nutrition Coach.